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Welcome and introductions: The name has been changed from “Faculty Diversity Committee” to “Faculty and Staff Diversity Committee” to be more inclusive and signal that the committee is open to all members of our faculty/staff community. After introductions, individuals had the opportunity to share why they were interested in the committee. Participants commented that they wanted to be a part of the change happening; that they had always wanted to get involved but felt this was a good time to do it; that there is a renewed excitement around DEI and they wanted to be a part of it.

Goals for the meeting were shared:

  1. To gain an understanding of shared and individual interests
  2. To align interests with one of the three focus areas
  3. To produce an action focused list of how we can address, support and/or advance diversity, equity and inclusion in our professional community


Mission and purpose: We asked big questions around “For whom is Park a great community?” Do all people feel this way? Some? Do some leave their identities at the door? Do some feel fully engaged at Park? Who gets to experience Park fully? Who only experiences some of Park School’s community?

Project Ideas: Shalini Rao presented the three areas were would explore in this meeting. For each group, we framed questions around “Strengths, Weaknesses, and Opportunities.” Each group had a scribe who wrote information on the chart paper. What follows is a list of brainstorm items that the groups developed. These groups included:

Opportunities for Programming – examining learning opportunities outside of the classroom

  1. partnering with different grades in workshops
  2. having speakers who can come to all divisions
  3. have theater, dance and art programs with age appropriate talk backs
  4. replicate MD/UD programs in LD
  5. draw from our parent body to share knowledge
  6. willingness to work cross-divisional
  7. big spaces such as gyms and dining room
  8. need faculty time to get to know each other’s interests
  9. harnessing the enthusiasm around DEI programming

Focus on Sense of belonging – staff and faculty support/engagement; retention; ally work for underrepresented faculty and staff identities

  1. affinity groups
  2. purposeful book groups
  3. “host” partners for new faculty/staff
  4. interactions between faculty and staff
  5. F&S time for DEI connections without students (full PD day)
  6. SEED
  7. exploring sense of belonging in large groups/small groups

Focus on Curriculum and Pedagogy – professional development and dialogue focused internally

  1. building on previous work
  2. report back to colleagues after a PD day/conference
  3. connect to real time current events
  4. TIME to have discussions in our schedules
  5. tangible goals and sharing of them
  6. rotating presentations weekly/monthly
  7. all faculty/staff celebrations unveiling of div book (diversity?divisional?) and what was already done


The group then shared out key “takeaways” of what we could do. Participants shared that they could individually ask others “What is this like for you? How do you experience Park?” and make time to make connections; affinity/social grouping can come together, there just has to be a way to make it happen; to continue the excitement around DEI work.

Peace and Park,

Ms. Talusan