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The Conversation Circle Series is an opportunity for Park School faculty and staff to come together and discuss a current event related to diversity, equity and inclusion. These topics tend to be the ones that are “trending” on social media or in the news, and these conversation circles allow us some time and space to talk about these issues face to face.
Born out of the frustration that there simply is not enough time in the day to talk about important and relevant current events, this group gathers from 2:05pm-2:25pm (the time between dismissal and the start of faculty meetings) on Tuesdays in rotating rooms. It’s amazing what you can discuss in 20 minutes!


At Park School, we often think about the importance of cross-racial interactions with our students. We are intentional about our classroom demographics, the opportunities for our students to play together in cross-racial groups, and encourage collaboration and teamwork. We are mindful about isolation, about segregation and about the need for affinity in the lives of our students.

Yet, how often do we as adults think about our own friendships, interactions and social circles. How cross-racial areĀ our relationships?

The guiding questions for this conversation circle on cross-racial friendships included:

  • We ask students to interact across racial groups. Do we model the same expectations as adults?
  • Do you have meaningful cross-racial friendships? What are the barriers to developing cross-racial friendships?
  • Do we notice when Students of Color are grouped together more so than when Students who are White are grouped together? Is our response different? Should our response be different?

Along with these questions, we encouraged participants to check out this article and video here.

What are your thoughts about and experiences with cross-racial friendships?

Peace and Park,


Liza's closest circle of friends (racially self-identify as Asian, African, White, Asian, Latina)

Liza’s closest circle of friends (racially self-identify as Asian, African, White, Asian, Latina)