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downloadDear readers,

I’m deviating a bit from the usual post-Conversation Circle round up and instead giving you a preview of what is to come. We started out hosting Conversation Circles, an opportunity for our faculty and staff to have a conversation, in real time, about topics that have been trending on social media. With the increased demand to host more, we expanded the Conversation Circles from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday mornings. This week, we have added “lunch table” Conversation Circles.

For our readers outside of Park School, I hope you get a sense of the commitment to social justice that our faculty and staff have. They bravely engage in dialogue that, in some circles, is viewed as impolite (we talk openly about some pretty tough issues!). But, at Park School, our community wants to be a part of the national dialogue.

We are offering so many more options to fit the busy schedules of our Park community; however, if you are not able to join us in the room, we encourage you to grab a friend and check out the following Conversation Circle topics!

For readers outside of Park looking for a way to get your community involved, the Conversation Circle model is a great one!

Peace and Park,

Ms. Talusan


Tuesday, January 26th, 2:05-2:25pm in The Shire (hosted by Katrina and Ethan)
Wednesday, January 27th, 7:35-7:55am in The Library (hosted by Dorothea)
Measuring Kindness
In a recent Washington Post article, the authors write that Harvard is creating more measures and opportunities for their applicants to write about kindness, service and outreach as part of their admission folder.
  • How would you describe your college application experience? What has changed? What remains the same?
  • Do you believe that colleges (and even secondary schools) are really committed to looking beyond the transcript? What else might be driving this change?
  • What new benefits and challenges do you think might result from this change? How does this impact diversity, equity and inclusion in the admission process?
Thursday, January 28th, 7:35-7:55am in DEI office
AND 12:05pm-12:25pm at a lunch table
Water Justice: What is happening in Flint, MI?

“Lead is a potent known neurotoxin. The CDC, the AAP, everybody tells us that there is no safe level of lead,” she says, referring to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Yet, officials in the city of Flint had knowledge that there was a danger of lead in the water. To learn more about the crisis in Flint, check out this video here.

  • As educators, what concerns must we have not only about the health of all people but also children?
  • What can we do as witnesses to a crisis happening in our own country?
  • Some have called this an act of genocide, the intentional killing of people. What does this terminology mean to you?
Friday, January 29th, 7:35am-7:55am in DEI Office
12:05-12:25pm at a lunch table 
This year is a second year in a row that the nominees are all White for the Academy Awards. This sparked activism on social media with the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite and left many chiming in on a range of issues, including lack of roles for actors of color, lack of diversity in the Academy itself, and whether boycotting is an effective response. Check out Idris Elba’s response here and a NYT piece here.
  • What movies do YOU think should have been nominated this year?
  • How does structural racism impact roles for actors of color?
  • What, if any, are examples from your own life in which you have used boycotting or protesting as an act of defiance?