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What a month it has been! If you haven’t had a chance, walk the halls and see how the walls have come alive with student work, or visit a classroom and hear the reading of the morning message, or see students exchanging a morning greeting. Relationships are developing, and children are happily engaging in school routines. The Park School Lower Division is a magical place! Below are some highlights from the month and questions you could ask your child about school.

Morning Routines
Ask: What is your favorite morning greeting?
What is something you have learned about your teacher or a classmate?
Do you share a connection with a classmate or your teacher?
Butterflies are hatching
Ask: Have you seen a butterfly hatch?
Have you released a butterfly?
Can you tell me a fact about butterflies?
Lower Division Community Time
Ask: What have you done during Lower Division Community Time?
Do you know something about what the teachers in the Lower Division like to do?
What is a song you have sung at Lower Division Community Time?
Ask: What is an activity you like to do at recess?
Who do you play with?
Is there something new you are hoping to do at recess?