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In the past few weeks, I have been the recipient of many student ideas. These ideas have been received in persuasive letters, proposals, sign-up sheets, and data collections. The ideas have been generated by individuals, groups, and classes. Giving the children an opportunity to share their ideas has been empowering and has motivated others to think about what they can do with an idea. Lucky me that I get to help!

Here’s what our students are doing with their ideas:

  • Writing a proposal to our Food Services Manager for healthier snacks with funny names
  • Creating the Spread Love Club by a group of students in Ms. Bourque’s class. See a short video about the club HERE 
  • Writing a persuasive letter asking for Pajama Day in Lower Division (I was so persuaded it is happening February 19!)
  • Collecting data about the favorite birthday treat (thanks to one students motivation we now have Tootsie Pops for birthdays!) 
  • Teaching about the Antarctic through a presentation created at Scratch club

If your child is wondering what to do with an idea, I recommend reading What Do You Do With An Idea? by Kobi Yomada and discuss all the possibilities about how to bring the idea to life!


Food Services Manager, Sean Callahan meets with a student to discuss snack ideas


The Spread Love Club meets at recess


Spread Love Club signup


Birthday Treat Chart