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The chicks are here! The chicks are here! Lower School is abuzz with the arrival of baby chicks in both Ms. Gilligan’s and Ms. Siverls’ Kindergarten classes. Students and families in the Lower Division have all been excited by the arrival of these “Cuties,” but none more than Blake. This week I’m turning my blog over to Grade II student and investigative reporter, Blake Dinwoodey, who chronicled the arrival of the first four (now SIX) chicks in Ms. Gilligan’s classroom in his very own handwritten newsletter The Park Student.

Here’s the text of Blake’s article, spelling and punctuation left as it was written.

Moonlight Turns Into Four Cuteys!
By Blake Dinwoodey
Thursday, April 28, 2016

Mrs. Gilligan’s Kindergarten class received a big present-from nature! Four chicks popped out of the eggs after 22 days, one more than the average number of 21.  The Chicks (A.K.A. Chick Cuteys) debuted into the world on the 28th of April 2016, looking basically the same. “I can’t even tell if they’re boys or girls!” Park Student Reporter Blake Dinwoodey says of the Chick Cuteys. Tony Gilligan, who is in her 19th and final year, says of the chicks “A perfect final-year present!” Half of the eggs started in a incubator that was revealed to be broken, forcing Gilligan to transfer the eggs to a new incubator immediately.  Those were peeping but not cracking, and the other eggs were cracking but not peeping all yesterday.  They all cracked out unexpectedly overnight. More chicks could hatch… Read The Park Student tomorrow to keep updated on the chicks!!!!!!

Moonlight Turns Into Four Cuteys!

Chick2 Chick1

To see a short video clip of the Chick Cuteys click HERE