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This year’s Math Mornings in K, I, and II classrooms provided fun and engaging opportunities for families and students to play math games, and to work together on math activities in relaxed classroom environments. Math Mornings were designed to highlight the games that are an integral component of our math program. Games are an enjoyable and appealing way to promote practice with skills and concepts that are critical to the development of computational fluency as well as, strategic and flexible thinking. Math Mornings also allowed parents to see the math curriculum in action, to explore mathematical ideas with their children, and to see their child’s growth as their mathematical thinking changed and developed over time. Because games provide an excellent opportunity for meaningful practice over time, we hope that playing games at school carries over into the home throughout the school year and summer. Families can find some terrific (and fun!) math games and activities on our SUMMER MATH RESOURCES page on the school website and in the GREEN SUMMER WORK folders that went home during the last week of school.



Happy Summer!