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If you are like me, you are eager to find out from your child how they have spent their day. As soon as I pick up my teenage son from the bus, I ask how was your day? More often than not I get the response, “Good” or “Fine.” Looking for a little glimpse into how he spent his eight hours away from me I wrack my brain for other questions I can ask to elicit a more detailed response. Sadly, the teachers in high school don’t send regular updates with photos so the conversation quickly fades and the drive home is a quiet one.

This fall Lower Division teachers began regularly sending classroom updates to help promote conversations at home.The photos that are included in the updates are a wonderful way to naturally inquire about the school day. Asking your child about the activities and people that are pictured or the topics that teachers have written about in their communications are great ways to launch a discussion. The stories your child will share (maybe slowly at first) will give you a window into their day, the friendships they are developing, the activities that they love, and possibly the challenges they face. Enjoy the dialogue that you can share with your child about school especially while you are getting hints about what to ask to gain a greater understanding. And if you are like me and still needing better questions to ask on that ride home click this link for 25 Ways to Ask Your Child How Was School Today.

Enjoy the conversations!