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“What day is Inventor’s Club?” ask a group of animated second graders at lunch the other day. “Mondays and Wednesdays,” I respond. There is a buzz heard in the dining room as the teacher heads to the microphone. Children are wondering, and I believe hoping there will be an announcement about clubs that are being offered at recess. Recess clubs got their start last year when a second grader proposed the idea of an Inventor’s Club, and it was met with great success. This year there were a group of regular Inventor’s Club attendees who asked if we would offer the club again this fall. How could I say no? Inventor’s Club was a highlight of my week last year. Children coming together to build and create with recycled materials? It doesn’t get much better than that!

Inventor’s Club began in October and meets twice a week. There has yet to be a day with less than 20 children attending. In addition to Inventor’s Club, teachers are facilitating different coding/Scratch activities on Fridays and recently Dr. Talusan offered a Diversity Club. Students have been inspired by the various teacher-led recess options and have begun creating their own interest-based clubs, like Cheerleading Club, Fairy House Building, Spy Club, and many others. If your child wants to join or start a club they should meet at the Buddy Bench or ask the teacher on the microphone to make an announcement at the end of lunch.

The benefits of these clubs are many – they not only support our children’s creative and physical growth but they empower our students to be self-directed, practice important social skills, collaborate and lead. There will always be a place at recess for fort building, swinging on swings, and tossing a football, but for that child who doesn’t gravitate toward physical games, recess clubs provide a much needed and welcome break from the normal work of their school day.