This past year, I looked at our 7th grade yearlong project on Ancient Roman architecture through the SAMR lens. We spend the fall term examining how buildings and architectural elements convey stories and provide a glimpse into the classical world. To prep for the spring, I looked at the unit and asked, “How could technology allow for the creation of new tasks, previously inconceivable?” Ultimately, we turned to MinecraftEdu as a way to experience the building process and look closer at the buildings. Students digitally reconstructed a building and periodically asked, “What are we learning about the magnitude of, and resources required by these buildings? How do the form and function of the building interact? Why is their existence significant?” At the end of the unit, each student screencasted a tour of their building, sharing their knowledge about Ancient Roman history and the Minecraft building process:

The students loved using their favorite game in the classroom, and I loved watching them develop a deeper understanding of architecture.