Today, I am participating in the AISNE Connected Teacher Conference. The keynote was given by Hadley Ferguson, Executive Director of the Edcamp Foundation. She had excellent advice about how we, as educators, can be “connected” – to our students, to one another, to the ever-changing world.


Here are some of my favorite quotes and tips from her keynote:

“What we knew before, we need to keep moving beyond.”

“We have to leave that place where the teacher is the person who knows it all, and be where the teacher is a learner alongside the students.”

“At an EdCamp, it is the people in the room who say, this is what I want to learn about…. The attendeesĀ bring the topics and the questions.”

“The turning point happened when I saw myself not as someone who knew, but as someone who wanted to learn.”

And check out these recommended resources:
Internet Public Library (ipl2)
NAIS Connect
Education Twitter Chats
Unleashing Student Superpowers

At the end of the session, Hadley challenged us to answer one question: What risk are we willing to take in our classroom? I’d love to hear YOUR answer to the question – please post in the comments below!