The 7th grade language classes went on the annual MFA field trip this past week where they explored the art, culture, and history of peoples who speak the target languages we study. Each class toured a different gallery during the day:

  • Students studying French went on the Three Centuries of French Art: Classicism to Cubism tour
  • Students studying Latin went on the Highlights of the Ancient World: Mesopotamia to the Mediterranean tour
  • Students studying Mandarin went on the Conservation in Action: Preserving Nirvana/Chinese Painting tour
  • Students studying Spanish went on the Art of Spain from Medieval to Modern tour



For the Latin class, this field trip ties in perfectly with our yearlong theme which centers around architecture and art as a storyteller of the past. Before and after the field trip, we engage in discussions about the significance of the MFA Greek Art gallery and the importance of cultural heritage preservation through museums and UNESCO.

We prepare for the field trip using the corresponding lesson and information on the MFA for Educators website. Utilizing MFA for Educators, each student is assigned to research one artifact, write a description, and present on the artifact at the museum. After the field trip, students write a reflection on our field trip blog.  You can read about their experiences here: Student Field Trip Reflections

Our field trip and the MFA for Educators resources are instrumental in ensuring that our students understand and appreciate historical context, artistic significance, and personal experience. These trips have been integral to our curriculum, which culminates in international travel where students are immersed in the cultures of their target language nations. Students always comment and contrast their experiences at the MFA with their educational travels abroad. Our field trips have allowed our students to witness the culture and art both at home and abroad.

I encourage you to check out these resources and feel free to ask me questions!