The common thread throughout the 2016 ISTE Standards for Students highlights the shift away from consumption of digital media, to creation. How do we help students become Digital Creators? Do we provide opportunities for students to be Innovative Designers in the digital classroom? Are students Communicators and Collaborators online? What elements of Citizenship do we embed into edtech learning?

There are endless ways to meet these standards, and Hoonuit at Atomic Learning is a fantastic resource to explore tools that combine GAFE and other edtech tools in unique ways.

In Students as Digital Creators, I was particularly impressed with Lego Build with Chrome, where you can create your own Google Map in Legos! Build The Park School, your home, or your favorite ice cream shop with legos, and then publish it to the Google map!

This is a wonderful way to encourage students to build their own community in new ways, with opportunities for creativity, diversity, and reflection.

If you are interested in learning more about this app, or others such as Adobe Spark, Google Maps 360, then check out Hoonuit’s other Online Learning Modules: