As a mom-teacher, I am always on the hunt for quality educational apps that are age appropriate and will engage Mairead when she is using the iPad. And when I find apps we love, I always want to share them out!

A few weeks back, Educator’s Technology Facebook feed posted some paid educational apps that offered free downloads for the day. Grandpa’s Workshop by FairladyMedia caught my eye – Mairead loves to spend time with her Pop and build things on the weekends. We tried it out together, and Mairead loved the app – the characters are friendly and the activities provide just the right amount of challenge. As a teacher, I was very impressed with the blending of math, art, and creativity – it was perfect for the Pre-K/K level.


Since trying out Grandpa’s Workshop, I have paid for the full bundle of Grandma and Grandpa apps. From exploring instruments in Music with Grandma, to reading the compass in Camping with Grandpa, and the other adventures in between, Mairead loves playing, and I love watching her learn.



What apps do you recommend for play-learning? Post in the comments below!