Top 10 Tools Every New Teacher Needs

Resources Document

Presented by ISTE TEN at #ISTE17



  1. Google Chrome Extensions to support accessibility
    1. SpeakIt!
    2. Read&Write for Chrome
    3. My massive google doc (Jennifer Courduff – @gamine64)


  1. Twitter – @JenniferFox13
    1. @JenniferFox13’s Classes That Tweet list
    2. Tweeter of the Day
    3. #BookSnaps, @TaraMartinEDU
    4. Twitter chat with students #AABSlowChat
    5. Connect with other classes #GRA16, #MysterySkype
    6. Connect with parents
    7. Twitter Chat Database
    8. @ShakeUpLearning’s Hashtag database


  1. Padlet
    1. Padlet overview & tutorials
    2. #isteTEN Padlet:


  1. Explain Everything
    2. Explain Everything Classic Educator Review
    3. 5 Things Every Teacher Should Be Able to do with Explain Everything App


  1. Adobe Spark
    1. Adobe Education Exchange
    2. Getting Started
    3. 7 Must-try Summer Projects with Adobe Spark
    4. Spark FYI


  1. Buncee – Rachelle Dene Poth @rdene915
  1. Sample Buncees
  2. Buncee Blogs and samples
  3. Using Buncee in the Classroom  create a Buncee Class, integrates with Google Classroom


  1. Playposit
    1. Playposit overview


  1. Piktochart
    1. Piktochart overview
    2. Infographics in Education Blog
    3. A Student’s Guide to Getting Started with Piktochart
    4. Review of Piktochart in Education
    5. How to Use Piktochart in the Classroom (TedEd)
    6. Using Data to Build Better Schools (Ted Talk)
    7. Lesson Plans for Piktochart


  1. Nearpod  Sample lesson, join at with code YODGL  work through lesson to try the features and see how it can work for you, try activities and survey
    1. Check out the many resources available in the Nearpod Library, many for digital citizenship, learning about SAMR, content areas, PBIS, and more


  1. Flipgrid
    2. Flipgrid Educator Review: Common Sense Media


  1. Bonus:  Remote mentoring:  Yammer
    1. See “20 Ways to Use Yammer in Education” for a summary and more extensive download.  Googling “Yammer and Education” will also give you some examples of how Yammer has been used in online class instruction in addition to mentoring and collaboration.  

Even more tools: