Students in our section of 6th grade English used technology to become grammar masters! Pairs of students were assigned a specific topic, either apostrophes, capitalization, or sentence fragments/run-ons. Each pair analyzed existing educational YouTube videos on the topic, documenting the techniques used to communicate and teach the informations. Then, pairs wrote their own scripts. Students created videos and podcasts with the intention of teaching their classmates this component of grammar. They used iPads and Chromebooks to film and/or record. They also used software like WeVideo, Explain Everything, Adobe Spark, and Soundtrap to refine their projects. Many students were new to the process, but all were encouraged to dive in and experiment with the software’s features. We ran into a problem with WeVideo’s free trial. Three student pairs exceeded the amount of video allowed. Megan gave me a workaround: use Quicktime Player’s screencast recording feature to record their videos. This Friday, students will share their videos with their classmates and help their peers prepare for a final grammar test.

-Ali Felman