The One Tree Club Patch

Students who cancel 60 catalogs personally can join the ONE TREE CLUB and we’ll send you this patch.


By canceling 1 catalog, you stop 6 from production, figuring conservatively.

If 360 catalogs come from one tree (19 billion catalogs divided by 53 million trees per year), then canceling 60 stops 360 and saves one tree. Using this downloadable log kids can track their canceling and aim for 60. It also has a parent letter on the back. Note: These pages are also available in our more detailed Organizer Pack.

My Park School kids are going door-to-door in their neighborhoods and are asking relatives if they can cancel their catalogs. This new “club” idea is pretty inspiring to them…and they don’t even know yet that I’m getting patches made for those who reach 60!

Let me know if you need me to send you patches by emailing I have hundreds. I sewed one patch to an old hat which looks nice on my dog and my son!



Here’s our TWO TREE CLUB patch for any kids who cancel 120!


11 Responses to “The One Tree Club Patch”

  1. I would like to mention this to my daughter’s girls scout leader as a way to earn a badge. Anything else I should know that is not on the website

  2. Jackie, I’m glad you want to share our project with your daughter’s troop! I hope it goes well. Let me know how we can help. Most everything you need is on this site, but feel free to contact me with any questions. -Ted

  3. Hi Ted,

    Just making sure I have this right, for my Girl Scouts to earn your patch, do they EACH have to cancel 60 catalogs or do they have to cancel 60 as a Troop? If it is each, I’m assuming they can count the catalogs they get family members and friends to cancel as well?

    Also, you mentioned that you had patches left over. Will you have 25 patches available for the two Girl Scout Troops I will get involved in this project?

    This is a wonderful program!! I hope we can work together.


  4. I would like to have my 2 Girl Scout troops do this project. Together there are 26 girls. Would you have that many patches available??

  5. Lots of patches! I just ordered a 3rd batch of several hundred. Simply email me if you need any. I’ll mail them to you for free (unless you need over 25). -Ted

  6. I am thirteen. I run my sister’s Brownie Troop. Becoming Juniors I thought this would be a great challenge to start out with. I was wondering, though, if you think the challenge would work good if I proposed it to my local library. I am working on my Silver Award and thought this could be a part of it. If you think it sounds like it might work, can you tell me?

  7. Ted,
    Are you still doing the one tree club patches? We are considering this as a scout or school project. Thank you.

  8. Yes, lots of patches left! A few hundred. And when the run out, I’ll order more. -Ted

  9. Hi, Are you still giving out the patches? Denise

  10. YES! We have 100s! Please join us.

  11. Hi Ted – We’re getting the Challenge going among the third graders at my NYC school. Do you still have patches available for kids who make it into the “club”? I’d be happy to send you payment to cover the cost of their patches and shipping. Thanks for your awesome inspiration and leadership with this!

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