Student Projects

Below are comics, essays, and stories that my class made. Enjoy!





An Essay: Why Cancel Catalogs?
by Jamila O’Hara, age 10

Imagine this. You are walking to your mailbox to collect your mail. Once you see your cluttered mailbox, you reach in to see what’s taking up so much room. All you see is…. CATALOGS! Tons of catalogs that you don’t even want, let alone buy from!

So, what do you do with all of these catalogs? Throw them in the trash? Recycle them? Both ways get rid of the catalogs for the moment, but the company sends you more catalogs after a while. A simple way you can permanently block the catalogs from coming is to cancel the catalog.

Why cancel your unwanted sales catalogs? Simple. Trees, water and energy are being wasted on catalogs that most people don’t want. Natural resources are basically being thrown away. For example, three gallons of water are used to make one catalog! Imagine how much water is wasted with the 70-mile tall pile of catalogs made each day! That adds up to 53 billion gallons of water wasted each year! That’s enough to fill 81,000 Olympic sized swimming pools! Humans and animals need water to drink and for everyday uses and that water is being wasted. But it’s not just water that is being practically thrown away.

Trees. That are another resource we need. We need trees to breath and to clean the air. Animals need trees as habitats. 53 million trees are cut down every year to make 19 billion catalogs when only 2% of these catalogs are used for a purchase! No doubt that’s a lot of trees.

600 catalogs are made and sent out each second! Catalogs waste energy, too. How? The machines making the catalogs waste energy. Also the shipping of the catalogs wastes energy. In fact, the amount of energy wasted could be used to power 1. 2 million homes each year! If you cancel your unwanted catalogs, a lot is being saved.

Let’s all pitch in and help the earth!

An Essay: Why Catalogs are Bad for the Environment
by Jack Pierce, age 9

Can sales catalogs be bad for the world? Yes. Catalogs waste more renewable and not renewable natural resources. Even if the renewable natural resources reproduce, they won’t be able to reproduce fast enough. For example, people cut down trees. Some people then replant trees, but it takes a decade for trees to grow. It takes five seconds for a person to cut down a tree. 19 billion catalogs are made each year in the U.S. We (with your help) want to make a dent in that number.

One other reason that making catalogs is bad for the environment is that the process creates global warming pollution. Factories make more and more catalogs. While they do this they also make smoke billow out of the smoke stacks at the top of the factory. This new greenhouse gas climbs up to the atmosphere. Then the sun’s heat bounces off the earth, but is trapped by the gas. The heat slowly builds up over time and eventually the temperatures rises.

Another way catalogs are bad for the environment is the plant life that catalogs effect. Each year 53 million trees are cut down. That’s equivalent to clear cutting 2,000 Central Parks. Imagine living in New York. You wake up one morning and Central Park has disappeared over night! It’s sort of like that. What’s even more depressing is that only 2% of those catalogs get a purchase.

Also catalogs waste electricity and water, too. I can’t even begin to describe how much of those things are wasted. If you like a catalog, you don’t’ have to cancel it. If you want to cancel call the number on the back.

A story: How Do You Cancel a Catalog By Phone
By Isabelle and Chloe

One day, Joeson was scurrying to get his mail from his mailbox. His heels tapped the street while he hummed and sung all the way, and then he got to his mailbox. He noticed that all his mail was overflowing. He gave a thunderous scream and all his neighbors ran out their doors to see what had happened.

“Why did you scream so loud!?” Danny his next door neighbor asked in a worried English accent.

“My mail is overflowing! I have too many catalogs!”

All the neighbors strolled into Danny’s house to talk and try to resolve Joeson’s problem. Joeson gazed out the window while he was thinking about how to resolve his problem.

“I got it! He can cancel his catalogs! All you have to do is look at the phone number on the back of the catalog and dial it!” said Melissa.

“That’s a great idea Melissa!” everyone yelled in sync together.

All the neighbors strode to the telephone and Joeson dialed the phone number. “Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep!” The telephone dialed.

“Hi! This is Instant Chicken! How may I help you today?”

“Could I please cancel this catalog?”

“Yes, but first do you mind telling me why you want to cancel this catalog?”

“Sure, I would like to say that Instant Chicken makes millions each day and I don’t like to order from catalogs. Canceling catalogs saves the earth and if we all do it for catalogs that we dont use, we could really help our world and make a HUGE impact!”

“Well thank you so much that is a great idea! I would be happy to help you with that today! Now, could you please tell me the customer number on the back of the catalog highlighted in yellow?” The lady said.

“Sure! 34567489475″

“Thank you so much! Now is this catalog for Joeson Henry?”

“It sure is!”

“Alright then, I will have that canceled for you but, it will take a couple months until you stop receiving anymore because they are preprinted.”

“Thank you so much!”

All the neighbors roamed to the refrigerator and opened the door.

“Wow! That’s a lot of chicken produced!” Bob said with enthusiasm.

Then everyone started to sign in sync together, “Cancel those catalogs today!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WILL HELP THE EARTH!”