Our Impact

As of March 2014 83,221 catalogs have been canceled by 9,573 kids in 23 states (and Washington DC)! And we’re aiming for 100,000 catalogs. We’ve saved 1,395 trees and 1.4 million gallons of water!! To check out our progress so far, CLICK HERE for our detailed results spread sheet….


The Math Behind These Numbers

(Updated formulas use NRDC data 5/4/09.)

* 6 catalogs: Direct markers mail an average of 11 copies of each catalog title per address per year. Therefore 1 cancellation saves on average 11 catalogs from production each following year. For the CCC project let’s assume conservatively that only 6 catalogs are stopped per cancellation, not 11+. Let’s also assume just one year of savings per cancellation to make these numbers even more conservitve. So if a school or troop cancels 1,000 catalogs, they stop 6,000 from being made (if not more)!

* Trees saved: 358 catalogs come from one tree (producing 19B cats comes from 53M trees per year). Therefore, catalogs canceled x 6 divided by 358 = trees saved. Canceling 60 cats saves one tree (60×6=358)!

* Water saved: It takes 2.8 gallons of water to make each catalog (producing 19B cats uses 53B gallons of water per year.) Therefore, catalogs canceled x 6 x 2.8 = gallons of water saved.

* Lbs CO2: 1.8 lbs of CO2 are released in making a single catalog (making 19B cats releases 10.4B lbs CO2). Therefore, catalogs canceled x 6 x 1.8 = lbs CO2 kept out of atmosphere.

* Car equivalent: The production of 9,500 catalogs equals the annual CO2 emissions of 1 car (19B catalogs made = 2M cars’ emissions annually). Therefore, catalogs canceled x 6 divided by 9,500 = “cars taken off the road” in CO2 reduction/prevention.

* * *

I will update results when I receive your emails – send them to catalogcancelingchallenge@gmail.com. Formulas may change if I find more accurate conversions. -Ted