Community Reading

The Upper Division annual Community Reading event will take place on Thursday, September 15. This is an afternoon of cross-grade-level book group meetings, when we gather together over cookies and lemonade to talk about books. Every student and faculty member in Grades VI-VIII read one of the five books which were selected for this summer reading assignment. For those of you who have ever been in a book group, our afternoon meetings will resemble book group discussions rather than a formal class. The dIscussion groups are led by eighth graders and faculty members, who will be equipped with a series of questions to begin conversation.

Community Reading is celebrating its tenth year. We think this afternoon of spirited conversation sure beats a book report!

See the list of books here or below: Summer Community Reading


Welcoming In The Year With A Handshake

On the first day of school, the entire Upper Division – students and faculty –  gather on the main field (West Gym if rain), stand shoulder to shoulder and shake hands. At the end of 30 minutes, each child and adult has shaken hands with every other child and adult and has greeted them by name – we wear name tags to help new members of the Upper Division. The handshaking line makes its way around the perimeter of the field/gym, and when the last pair shakes hands, we delight in doing The Wave several times. This tradition is a way to form community, to welcome each other back to school, and to learn new names. The handshaking also provides the front end of a bookend to the year; our Graduation exercises end with a handshaking line where we say goodbye to departing students. As we begin the school year, we take the time to remember the power of a face-to-face greeting and a handshake.

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