Are you curious? That is the first prompt for the Curiosity Challenge sponsored by the Cambridge (MA) Science Festival, which wraps up this Sunday, April 23rd. Park’s Upper and Middle Division students got curious and then submitted their questions to this year’s challenge. Our students wrote such good questions – all of the entries were wonderful. Six Park students were even chosen as winners.

In the Upper Division, one of the Habits for Scholarship and Citizenship is curiosity. We have defined curiosity as the following: Curiosity is the desire to personally connect with learning. This begins with a sense of wonder, requires an open mind and a comfort with not yet knowing, and leads to learning for its own sake. This definition is so powerful! Connecting with learning, a comfort with not yet knowing, and learning for its own sake are three extraordinarily important things. Add a sense of wonder, and you have the magic that is curiosity.

Take a look at this video created by Science teacher, Karen Manning, if you are curious to see what your children are curious about. And then be sure to get curious yourself and ask your children what else they are wondering.